Re/Dress Wishlist of the Moment



1. Teggings Super Hot Crop Top $24

I am going to buy this and I’m going to wear it with skinny jeans, high heeled combat boots and a floral purse and there is no one in the world who can stop me.


2. Comic Graffiti Leggings – $18.99

Even if Fan Expo wasn’t right around the corner, I’d still be in love with these. This print is actually my favourite version of the “comic book themed body con clothing items” that have been floating around right now.


3. Magenta Rosette/Leatherette Skirt by Serita – $52

This is so adorably impractical and lacking in appropriatness but damn is is it frilly and fun and I want to put it on with tennis shoes and pearls and skip down the street listening to lollipop.


4. Geopuzzle Maxi Dress – $44



5. Rayanne Floral Cutout Skater Dress – $68

The cut out version of a similar version that was available when the store first opened up, and frankly I’m glad I never bought it, because I love the cut out version way more. Especially the waist cut out. I don’t know why flowers and slightly covered skin areas go so well together, but they do.


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