OOTD: Glorious

There is no other word for how I feel right now.


So here’s a little story all about how, my day got flipped turned upside down.

What started out as a decent, but tiring, day turned into the best fucking day of the year. I recently got a new job in the mall near where I live (full time visual coordinator y’all), and across from my store is a BUFFALO David Bitton. While normally I would stroll right on past that straight sized store and back into the corner of Ontario’s Biggest Mall people of my size have been shoved into (by corner, I mean literally one single store), I simply could not this time.

I saw the shirt. The shirt so perfect, so lovely, so wonderfully polka dot knitted that I simply could not walk by it. Now I own similar style shirts, usually from costa blanca where creating over sized sweaters for your super tiny hipster demographic means I have a lovely little collection of layering pieces. None of those, however, are black and white with polka dots. Upon discovering that they were all sold out of XL and only had one L left, I decided to fuck it and buy it any way because that is just how I roll today.

Normally I would pair this with a bright coloured tank underneath and a pair of jeans, but something stirred in me when I came home, a desire so great it could not be ignored. My belly needed to breathe goddammit and it was going to happen in this shirt. Now, despiteaI pretty healthy self confidence and possibly over inflated ego (not really tho, I’m actually really fucking awesome), I haven’t quite reached the point in my body acceptance journey where I’m willing to go around flashing the princess lumpy stretch mark goods just yet, OR SO I THOUGHT.

Turns out the reason I’ve been pulling down tanks and throwing on tunics isn’t because of a crippling fear of showing stomach but because the world could not handle my midriff.

Well guess what, World? You are going to have to deal with this crop top and you will fucking love it.

005  001

008 006

004 007

I literally could not get a picture that wasn’t me smiling like a motherfucker.


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