OOTD: Black & White


Wooh! Third day in, Black and White. I actually had a hard time with this until I remembered a very cute ASOS dress I had not yet had the pleasure of wearing, and with a day filled with mall hopping and a fancy dinner, a day/night post was absolutely necessary.

IMG_3224 IMG_3234

Asos Curve Exclusive Spot Print Swing Dress – $22


Let me tell you something, this dress is as cute as a mother fucker. In person, it is so adorable you’d think it was made by a basket of kittens and puppies. I originally bought it thinking I was throwing caution to the appropriate-for-outdoors wind because the length seemed short, but turns out it’s also practical as fuck. I needed something that was breathable and easy to move in, while still being put together, as I was going to see some ~business contacts~ at the mall, as well as shopping around and getting a pedicure (my days are tough, man). I threw on a simple red heart necklace (Claire’s) to add a little bit colour that wouldn’t battle/over power the whole look. I originally opted for a white tote bag, because it’s the middle of the day and I got shit to carry, but the clutch (Forever 21) gave the look a little bit of sleekness and purposefulness while the tote made it look just a tad bit like a Homer Simpson sack dress.


credit where credit is due, homer knows how to pull off a pink floral


This dress is off the goddamn chain at night. I added the waist cinching belt (ASOS) to give the dress some shape, and the natural swing ended up working great with some structure. Paired with some white, black, and gold accessories makes this easily a new favourite look. I literally cannot wait to turn heads with the sway of this dress, it more magnificent than a plastic bag floating in the wind. I was worried a bit that the belt with the dress would make me look pregnant (not because I don’t like the shape, more because I hate children), but the draping was just right that it wasn’t a problem.

IMG_3228 IMG_3226

The necklace (Aldo) ended up working really well, while I’m not a fan of two different whites in one look, it does manage to give the look some pop without fading into the background the way some others did.

A point worth making, I was trying to avoid swearing and tried to keep the blog a little more professional-seeming? But I got to tell you, I have the vocabulary of a 72 year old grandma that you don’t think swears until she calls you a dumb little fucker for bringing her the wrong pills.

I swear a lot is what I’m saying. Trying to eliminate it felt weird and wrong and horrible and I just won’t do it.

Sincerely, and with all the fucks I can muster,

Cristina Marie


Harper’s Bazaar Russia – Sized Up


I love to take straight sized editorials/covers/ads and turn them into fierce plus sized outfits, so this post is inspired by this gorgeous Oscar De La Renta Spring 2013 dress and the SJP cover of Harper’s Bazaar RussiaModCloth‘s jersey style version of the dress, at $80, it’s certainly not cheap for a maxi dress, but it’s versatility and ModCloth’s decent quality should make this a good buy, and an excellent piece in any wardrobe. For the trend focused, the shape and pattern are all very on trend, but since it’s a stripe and nothing to graphic and of-the-moment (such as galaxy or animal prints), it stands as an excellent piece even after the stripe wave has passed.


1. modcloth – top of the byline dress $79.99
2. asos curve – denim bomber jacket $76.36
3. asos – leather fringe hobo bag $64.49
4. new look – nacy woven cork wedges $32.59
5. aldo – masa necklace $25

A splash of colour to add some dimension to the look makes it great as a casual day dress, but going with different shades of a single colour help to not take away from the boldness of the dress itself. Adding a boho style bag and a pair of wedges keep the look toned down and loose, while the pattern of the maxi and a structured jacket keep it from being more appropriate for Coachella than everyday  life.


night out

Night Out
1. modcloth – top of the byline dress $79.99
2. asos curve – plate + ring waist belt $25.46
3. torrid – gold leaf cut out $14.50
4. forever21 – cutout crescent hoops $4.80
5. aldo – black + gold dharinee heel $90
6. aldo – black butchbinder clutch $45


I’ll be honest, I kind of hate gold, I almost always choose silver instead, but nothing goes better with black and white than gold. I don’t know why, it’s just goddamn pretty and awesome looking. Personally, I love this look for spending the night with the ladies and various other fabulous friends. I like the idea of nature inspired elements in such a synthetic outfit, so the animal clutch and leaf cuff add a little extra something to the overall look.

How would you style this dress?

-Cristina Marie