A New Project: CMe A plus size magazine dedicated to showcasing visibility to those rendered invisible in the fashion world

Dear Entire Plus Size Fashion Community(?),

I’m currently working on a new project with a focus on plus size ladies, fashion and visibility. I’d really appreciate it if anyone who’s interested in these things could take a minute to read this and lend me your thoughts. 

Here’s how the story starts:

I’ve always loved fashion magazines. I read them as much whenever I can, wherever I am, and it’s this very ingestion that lead to a high school life full of low self esteem, isolation, and feeling like I didn’t have a place at the fashion table, no matter how much I wanted to be there.

Those feelings made me spend years of my life hiding behind clothes I hated, and a personality I wasn’t sure was mine. It was easier to pretend that I didn’t like fashion, that clothes were just something that were necessary rather than a platform of expression and art. I lost years of something I loved, and confidence that still hasn’t completely come back.

I don’t know what it was, but one day I just stopped caring. One day, I looked in the mirror and wanted to like what was looking back at me, instead of existing with it.

4 years after that day, and I’m no longer satisfied with not having a seat at that table. I’m not satisfied being told I’m invisible, that I don’t matter, and for that matter, that anyone else doesn’t either.

That is the drive behind CMe (See Me).

CMe is meant to be an independent online magazine dedicated to showcasing visibility in the fashion industry, while still having the feel of a print magazine. While the focus is meant to be plus size women, CMe will also include a highlight on women of colour, people with disabilities, people who are trans*, and other people commonly left out of the Fashion & Beauty industry. CMe will not only be a fashion magazine, but also a politics of fashion magazine.


So far, I’ve just ended the research stage. It meant a year of analyzing magazines, finding web hosts, figuring out costs, and researching companies. What I’m ready to do is enter Stage 2, which is creating a strong brand image, clearing up a mission statement, and really figuring out what content and articles CMe should have. Hopefully after that will be looking for contributors who want to share their take on fashion and visibility.

While I have always meant for CMe to be in magazine form, something that emulates the style of print magazines, it’s been suggested to me that a blog would be a more appropriate format. Something similar to xo,Jane or Jezebel, but with a bigger focus on fashion and inclusion.

So what I’m asking from you, if you’re interested in something like this, would you prefer a blog style webpage, or an online magazine?

I really appreciate any and all input on this subject. Frankly, I can’t take this idea any further without really figuring out whether this is a magazine or a blog, and I want CMe to be as much about it’s readers as it’s contributors and creators. A part of that is how that information is packaged and presented. I also appreciate any sharing of this information! I really do want to get as much input as possible. If someone has any questions or thoughts, please share them! 

Thank you to anyone who responds or shares this! If you’re interested, CMe will hopefully be a fully functional something by the end of this year 2013/beginning of 2014. 😀