OOTD: Sheer


I actually had an outfit planned for today, until it turned out that the shirt I ended up buying from ASOS was too big, even after sizing down twice. So instead I went with this to take me to IKEA.

IMG_3244 IMG_3243

This ended up being kind of a wash, this outfit is sort of a uniform for me. 3/4 length, 1/2 button down, sheer white top (Addition Elle), with tight fitting bottoms (Torrid), statement necklace (Aldo), red lipstick (Benefit Cosmetics), and designer handbag (Michael Kors). I have worn versions of this outfit dozens of times before, it’s my “gotta get shit done” look.

The only thing different here is the shorts, I normally stick to leggings or skinny jeans, but it is hot today and if I’m gonna spend hours wondering through the IKEA maze then I’m gonna put on some short shorts and everyone’s just gonna have to deal.

I always wear this top with a dark coloured bra because 1. I spend a lot of money on them, you should totes check them out and 2. The dark colours keep it looking fresh instead of being Amy Sedaris in Maid In Manhattan.


that candy bra comment has stuck with me my entire life apparently


IMG_3250 IMG_3252

Seriously, this is a uniform for me. I always pull out these shoes because when I get shit done, I do it in leopard prints flats. Also, no clutches for me on these days, I need a big ol’ fancy mother of a bag to hold notebooks, swatches, lists, plans, and my general dislike of people.

Short post today since I’m on my way to Swedish meatballs and getting lost in a maze,

Cristina Marie


August 2nd, 2013 – OOTD: Shoulders



On to day two! Let’s see how long this streak lasts.

Here’s the thing, shoulders is something I knew I wanted to do. I don’t have any “Cold Shoulder” tops because I hate them (seriously though, when’s the last time your torso was super chilly but damn are your shoulders boiling under that think t-shirt material). So “shoulders” really meant strapless, which I also kind of hate? I have a few strapless pieces that I normally wear with denim vests or blazers, something about that expanse of skin has always felt very awkward to me. So naturally I decided it was time to force something in there and maybe get a tan while I’m at it.

Today’s strapless influence?



Peggy Bundy.

The second I saw this shirt at Addition Elle last year, all I could think of was Peggy Bundy, and really, isn’t that all a girl wants out of a piece of clothing?





Imagine this with a pair of skin tight black leggings and a pack of Marlboro’s and it’s more Peggy than a person can handle. To avoid going too literal on the whole “flawless ball buster”, I switched out the leggings with some Seven7 skinny jeans and lost the belt that came with the top. It’s not the chicest look in the world, but really the only thing this outfit needs to be right now is something to answer the door for the pizza guy in, it’ll do.

Also, people really need to stop telling pear shapes to wear boot cut, skinny jeans are amazing and highlight your already immaculate hip size. Embrace them thighs and fuck everyone else.





IMG_3205 IMG_3206

I love this news Aldo necklace. I wanted something that wasn’t too large so it wouldn’t take away from the whole “shoulder” theme, and one thing to note about this neckalce is that if one more person asks me if they work and then try them anyway after I say no, I will jam it in their eye, which I think seems fair.

I knew that the “bowling bag” style purse would work best with this outfit, and I’m happy with those instincts. It provides just the right feel I think, and the structure really compliments the draping and tiers on the top. This particular one is from Guess’s previous fall season.


IMG_3221 IMG_3222


These are 100% Peggy Bundy, and that’s all their is too it. The only thing that would make them better is if they were hot rod red leather.

All in all I’m pretty happy with the outfit, I’ll gladly go out in it, especially going more into September, because there’s definitely a fall feel. That being said, I feel like it’s missing something and I can’t quite place my finger on it.

Maybe I should try a bump it next.

Tomorrow’s Black and White, and I have actually no idea what I’m going to do with it.

Harper’s Bazaar Russia – Sized Up


I love to take straight sized editorials/covers/ads and turn them into fierce plus sized outfits, so this post is inspired by this gorgeous Oscar De La Renta Spring 2013 dress and the SJP cover of Harper’s Bazaar RussiaModCloth‘s jersey style version of the dress, at $80, it’s certainly not cheap for a maxi dress, but it’s versatility and ModCloth’s decent quality should make this a good buy, and an excellent piece in any wardrobe. For the trend focused, the shape and pattern are all very on trend, but since it’s a stripe and nothing to graphic and of-the-moment (such as galaxy or animal prints), it stands as an excellent piece even after the stripe wave has passed.


1. modcloth – top of the byline dress $79.99
2. asos curve – denim bomber jacket $76.36
3. asos – leather fringe hobo bag $64.49
4. new look – nacy woven cork wedges $32.59
5. aldo – masa necklace $25

A splash of colour to add some dimension to the look makes it great as a casual day dress, but going with different shades of a single colour help to not take away from the boldness of the dress itself. Adding a boho style bag and a pair of wedges keep the look toned down and loose, while the pattern of the maxi and a structured jacket keep it from being more appropriate for Coachella than everyday  life.


night out

Night Out
1. modcloth – top of the byline dress $79.99
2. asos curve – plate + ring waist belt $25.46
3. torrid – gold leaf cut out $14.50
4. forever21 – cutout crescent hoops $4.80
5. aldo – black + gold dharinee heel $90
6. aldo – black butchbinder clutch $45


I’ll be honest, I kind of hate gold, I almost always choose silver instead, but nothing goes better with black and white than gold. I don’t know why, it’s just goddamn pretty and awesome looking. Personally, I love this look for spending the night with the ladies and various other fabulous friends. I like the idea of nature inspired elements in such a synthetic outfit, so the animal clutch and leaf cuff add a little extra something to the overall look.

How would you style this dress?

-Cristina Marie