You’ll notice a few missing posts and a lull in posting, but currently CRISTINAMARIEME, kind of a big deal, is under construction, rebranding, and heavy editing while I put a few new graphic skills to use and also while I’m away on vacation.

With luck and deadlines, everything should be up and running by the end of May. Otherwise you can find me on tumblr, reblogging pictures of shirtless celebrities, video game comics, and general feminist rants!

See you soon, hopefully with a large increase of crop tops,

Cristina Marie Me


OOTD: Glorious

There is no other word for how I feel right now.


So here’s a little story all about how, my day got flipped turned upside down.

What started out as a decent, but tiring, day turned into the best fucking day of the year. I recently got a new job in the mall near where I live (full time visual coordinator y’all), and across from my store is a BUFFALO David Bitton. While normally I would stroll right on past that straight sized store and back into the corner of Ontario’s Biggest Mall people of my size have been shoved into (by corner, I mean literally one single store), I simply could not this time.

I saw the shirt. The shirt so perfect, so lovely, so wonderfully polka dot knitted that I simply could not walk by it. Now I own similar style shirts, usually from costa blanca where creating over sized sweaters for your super tiny hipster demographic means I have a lovely little collection of layering pieces. None of those, however, are black and white with polka dots. Upon discovering that they were all sold out of XL and only had one L left, I decided to fuck it and buy it any way because that is just how I roll today.

Normally I would pair this with a bright coloured tank underneath and a pair of jeans, but something stirred in me when I came home, a desire so great it could not be ignored. My belly needed to breathe goddammit and it was going to happen in this shirt. Now, despiteaI pretty healthy self confidence and possibly over inflated ego (not really tho, I’m actually really fucking awesome), I haven’t quite reached the point in my body acceptance journey where I’m willing to go around flashing the princess lumpy stretch mark goods just yet, OR SO I THOUGHT.

Turns out the reason I’ve been pulling down tanks and throwing on tunics isn’t because of a crippling fear of showing stomach but because the world could not handle my midriff.

Well guess what, World? You are going to have to deal with this crop top and you will fucking love it.

005  001

008 006

004 007

I literally could not get a picture that wasn’t me smiling like a motherfucker.

OOTD: Sheer


I actually had an outfit planned for today, until it turned out that the shirt I ended up buying from ASOS was too big, even after sizing down twice. So instead I went with this to take me to IKEA.

IMG_3244 IMG_3243

This ended up being kind of a wash, this outfit is sort of a uniform for me. 3/4 length, 1/2 button down, sheer white top (Addition Elle), with tight fitting bottoms (Torrid), statement necklace (Aldo), red lipstick (Benefit Cosmetics), and designer handbag (Michael Kors). I have worn versions of this outfit dozens of times before, it’s my “gotta get shit done” look.

The only thing different here is the shorts, I normally stick to leggings or skinny jeans, but it is hot today and if I’m gonna spend hours wondering through the IKEA maze then I’m gonna put on some short shorts and everyone’s just gonna have to deal.

I always wear this top with a dark coloured bra because 1. I spend a lot of money on them, you should totes check them out and 2. The dark colours keep it looking fresh instead of being Amy Sedaris in Maid In Manhattan.


that candy bra comment has stuck with me my entire life apparently


IMG_3250 IMG_3252

Seriously, this is a uniform for me. I always pull out these shoes because when I get shit done, I do it in leopard prints flats. Also, no clutches for me on these days, I need a big ol’ fancy mother of a bag to hold notebooks, swatches, lists, plans, and my general dislike of people.

Short post today since I’m on my way to Swedish meatballs and getting lost in a maze,

Cristina Marie

Forever 21+ Wishlist


54305432-02 62736634-01

1.  Southwestern Maxi Dress – $33.80

2. Southwestern Denim Shorts – $27.80

I’m not normally a fan of southwestern prints, but there’s something about these two that I like, especially the shorts, I think they’re kind of an unexpected way to show of this kind of print.

73539592-01 58081127-01

3. Kaleidoscopic Jewel Print Tank – $17.80


4. Bejeweled Peter Pan Collar Top – $23.80

I love these jewel prints, I prefer them to the chain prints that were floating around a while ago (and are still somewhat staggering). It entirely possible I thought this top was charming enough that while doing this wishlist, I just went out and bought it.

By which I mean that it is on it’s way.

53982026-02 00037421-06

5. Polka Dot A-Line Dress w/ Belt – $29.80

6. Sleek Strapless Maxi Dress – $27.80

I feel like I could have 7 different versions of these exact dresses and it still wouldn’t be enough.

By which I mean I already do.

00049344-02 00074478-01

7. Polka Dot Pocket Tank – $12.80

I already have this top in Navy Polka Dot and Tomato, but I want it in all the colours. It is an amazing alternative to that standard tank, especially for work and going out when you want something that’s not quite the same level of casual as sweat pants, but also not so dressy that it’s inappropriate to NOT wear a crown with it.

The in between of those two things is this top.

8. Free Spirit Bandeau – $9.80

Sometimes things are just cute and cheap and that’s all they need to be.


9. Splash-Making Geo Swimsuit – $35.80

While I’m 1,000,000% behind the fatkini trend, this one piece is pretty legit. Maybe not everybody is down with having a LSD inspired third eye on their stomach, but those people will never know the joy of hypnotizing someone with a jelly roll.

OOTD: Black & White


Wooh! Third day in, Black and White. I actually had a hard time with this until I remembered a very cute ASOS dress I had not yet had the pleasure of wearing, and with a day filled with mall hopping and a fancy dinner, a day/night post was absolutely necessary.

IMG_3224 IMG_3234

Asos Curve Exclusive Spot Print Swing Dress – $22


Let me tell you something, this dress is as cute as a mother fucker. In person, it is so adorable you’d think it was made by a basket of kittens and puppies. I originally bought it thinking I was throwing caution to the appropriate-for-outdoors wind because the length seemed short, but turns out it’s also practical as fuck. I needed something that was breathable and easy to move in, while still being put together, as I was going to see some ~business contacts~ at the mall, as well as shopping around and getting a pedicure (my days are tough, man). I threw on a simple red heart necklace (Claire’s) to add a little bit colour that wouldn’t battle/over power the whole look. I originally opted for a white tote bag, because it’s the middle of the day and I got shit to carry, but the clutch (Forever 21) gave the look a little bit of sleekness and purposefulness while the tote made it look just a tad bit like a Homer Simpson sack dress.


credit where credit is due, homer knows how to pull off a pink floral


This dress is off the goddamn chain at night. I added the waist cinching belt (ASOS) to give the dress some shape, and the natural swing ended up working great with some structure. Paired with some white, black, and gold accessories makes this easily a new favourite look. I literally cannot wait to turn heads with the sway of this dress, it more magnificent than a plastic bag floating in the wind. I was worried a bit that the belt with the dress would make me look pregnant (not because I don’t like the shape, more because I hate children), but the draping was just right that it wasn’t a problem.

IMG_3228 IMG_3226

The necklace (Aldo) ended up working really well, while I’m not a fan of two different whites in one look, it does manage to give the look some pop without fading into the background the way some others did.

A point worth making, I was trying to avoid swearing and tried to keep the blog a little more professional-seeming? But I got to tell you, I have the vocabulary of a 72 year old grandma that you don’t think swears until she calls you a dumb little fucker for bringing her the wrong pills.

I swear a lot is what I’m saying. Trying to eliminate it felt weird and wrong and horrible and I just won’t do it.

Sincerely, and with all the fucks I can muster,

Cristina Marie

Re/Dress Wishlist of the Moment



1. Teggings Super Hot Crop Top $24

I am going to buy this and I’m going to wear it with skinny jeans, high heeled combat boots and a floral purse and there is no one in the world who can stop me.


2. Comic Graffiti Leggings – $18.99

Even if Fan Expo wasn’t right around the corner, I’d still be in love with these. This print is actually my favourite version of the “comic book themed body con clothing items” that have been floating around right now.


3. Magenta Rosette/Leatherette Skirt by Serita – $52

This is so adorably impractical and lacking in appropriatness but damn is is it frilly and fun and I want to put it on with tennis shoes and pearls and skip down the street listening to lollipop.


4. Geopuzzle Maxi Dress – $44



5. Rayanne Floral Cutout Skater Dress – $68

The cut out version of a similar version that was available when the store first opened up, and frankly I’m glad I never bought it, because I love the cut out version way more. Especially the waist cut out. I don’t know why flowers and slightly covered skin areas go so well together, but they do.

August 2nd, 2013 – OOTD: Shoulders



On to day two! Let’s see how long this streak lasts.

Here’s the thing, shoulders is something I knew I wanted to do. I don’t have any “Cold Shoulder” tops because I hate them (seriously though, when’s the last time your torso was super chilly but damn are your shoulders boiling under that think t-shirt material). So “shoulders” really meant strapless, which I also kind of hate? I have a few strapless pieces that I normally wear with denim vests or blazers, something about that expanse of skin has always felt very awkward to me. So naturally I decided it was time to force something in there and maybe get a tan while I’m at it.

Today’s strapless influence?



Peggy Bundy.

The second I saw this shirt at Addition Elle last year, all I could think of was Peggy Bundy, and really, isn’t that all a girl wants out of a piece of clothing?





Imagine this with a pair of skin tight black leggings and a pack of Marlboro’s and it’s more Peggy than a person can handle. To avoid going too literal on the whole “flawless ball buster”, I switched out the leggings with some Seven7 skinny jeans and lost the belt that came with the top. It’s not the chicest look in the world, but really the only thing this outfit needs to be right now is something to answer the door for the pizza guy in, it’ll do.

Also, people really need to stop telling pear shapes to wear boot cut, skinny jeans are amazing and highlight your already immaculate hip size. Embrace them thighs and fuck everyone else.





IMG_3205 IMG_3206

I love this news Aldo necklace. I wanted something that wasn’t too large so it wouldn’t take away from the whole “shoulder” theme, and one thing to note about this neckalce is that if one more person asks me if they work and then try them anyway after I say no, I will jam it in their eye, which I think seems fair.

I knew that the “bowling bag” style purse would work best with this outfit, and I’m happy with those instincts. It provides just the right feel I think, and the structure really compliments the draping and tiers on the top. This particular one is from Guess’s previous fall season.


IMG_3221 IMG_3222


These are 100% Peggy Bundy, and that’s all their is too it. The only thing that would make them better is if they were hot rod red leather.

All in all I’m pretty happy with the outfit, I’ll gladly go out in it, especially going more into September, because there’s definitely a fall feel. That being said, I feel like it’s missing something and I can’t quite place my finger on it.

Maybe I should try a bump it next.

Tomorrow’s Black and White, and I have actually no idea what I’m going to do with it.